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The use of a custom antique frame, chosen to complement the colors, shapes and lines of the image, is a central part of each finished artwork.

Ron Christman of the Antique Center at Wales, in Wales, WI, has amassed an encyclopedic knowledge of antique frames in his art dealing career; and he has an incredible selection of unique and beautiful frames from the 18th, 19th and 20th century in his workshop, housed in a Welsh barn from the 19th century. The experience of seeing the frame fitted to the canvas by Ron's skilled hands transforms the image to a finished, serious work of art. This gallery shows the journey, from delving into Ron's Aladdin's cave of frames, to the final result.
Aladdin's CaveSizingFittingFinishingClose UpThe Natural Philosopher's Study - FramedFanciful - framed