Artist Statement

I enjoy creating art that is joyful, peaceful, graceful, refined; art that is happy and uplifting and refreshing.

The golden age of the Dutch Masters is a fascinating historical and cultural period that saw the blossoming of prosperity, global trade, and an unrivaled richness of artistic expression. The birth of modern science through the Baconian model of empirical observation and experimentation brought artists and scientists - natural philosophers - together in their observation of the world around them; and our way of seeing is very much a product of their eager and passionate quest. I pay humble tribute to the men and women who created such timeless images.


The sensuous art of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood has also been an inspiration for a new body of work at the farm.


The flowers, fruit and vegetables in the images are grown on our Victorian farm on the edge of Bull Valley, just outside the historic town of Woodstock, IL.



Growing up in England in a National Forest dating back more than a thousand years, my earliest and strongest creative influence was the quintessential English countryside, exploring the woods and the lanes for countless hours on foot and by bicycle. I was surrounded by the peacefulness and beauty of dappled woodland light, fragrant carpets of wildflowers and the music of bird song; and this is where I began the lifelong faith journey that fuels and gives purpose to my artistic expression. My art career began with published cartoons while at boarding school and then at Cambridge University. I did commissioned works in pastel, pen and ink, and glass engraving, over several bohemian years living on a boat exploring the rivers and coastland, in a little farm cottage nestled in a verdant Welsh valley, and at a vineyard making wine. Moving to the U.S. in 1992, I was a decorative artist before joining my husband John in starting a retained executive search firm.

The intentionally unhurried process of creating a tangible work of art balances the rapid pace of twenty-first century professional life. Business has taught me good decision-making skills and the discipline of consistent execution, which makes my creative passion much more focused and productive. My scientific education (majored in Chemistry) contributes an appreciation for the value of organized process and repetitive experimentation. Space for creativity keeps me true to my non-conformist self (and often leads to better business solutions also). If business is the expressway, art is the scenic route.


Recent Awards

"From Darkness To Light" in the "Tulips" gallery was awarded 3rd prize at the 2018 International Juried Show "Women's Works" in Woodstock's Old Courthouse Arts Center.

"New Life" in the "Still Lifes" gallery was selected for exhibit at Las Laguna Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA for the national "Women in Art" exhibit.

"The Natural Philosopher's Study" in "The Desk" gallery won the 2016 IU East National Juried Show "Art + Science."

"Red Onions" in the "Still Lifes" gallery won the Horticulture magazine Harvest 2015

The "Tulips - Epping Gallery" gallery contains images all of which were acquired by McHenry County College for their permanent collection following a solo exhibit in fall 2016.